• Instrument Lessons 30 min
    (max 5 kids per group)

    This period 9 september – 16 december (13 saturdays)
    (14-21 october no lessons)

  • We always try to form a group!

    private 13 lessons a €15 per lesson = € 195,-
    duo 13 lessons a €12,50 pp per lesson = €162,50
    group 3-5 kids group 13 lessons a €10 pp pl: €130

    Kids till 21 years don’t pay VAT (BTW)

    Do you live in Rotterdam? Maybe you can get financial support from JeugdFonds Cultuur for your kids lessons. Call or mail us for more information.

  • Special course Brazilian Art for kids.
    Lessons of 1 hour, 13 lessons €195,-

    no maximum of kids per group
    For 2 kids of the same family 20% discount

    Not whole course but just one separate lesson: €20

  • This period 9 september – 16 december (13 saturdays)
    (14-21 october no lessons, Chorcamp!)

    A Instrument +Ensemble 13 saturdays €450 SPECIAL PRICE!
    B Instrument no Ensemble 13 saturdays €234
    C Instrument + Ensemble 7 saturdays €252 ONLY ON REQUEST
    D Instrument no Ensemble 7 saturdays €126 ONLY ON REQUEST

    incl 21% btw (VAT)

  • So in general it’s €18,- a lesson, but only possible per period block, no single lessons.
    If group is smaller than 3 persons only 30 minutes lesson!!special

    1x €450 or pay in parts, f.e. 4 x € 112,50

    please contact first by email or phone
    Strippenkaart 7 saturdays (1 lesson per saturday)
    € 126,-
    You can buy more strippenkaart if you do more lessons per saturday

    only valid for current period

  • Speciale lessen/Special courses
  • Samba and bossa for guitarists (teacher Kees Gelderblom)

    Counterpoint playing (teacher Rafael Pereira Lima)

    Theory in Practice and Effective Practice (teacher Grace Chi)

    Roda de choro lesson (teacher Elizabeth Fadel or Rafael Pereira Lima)

    Modern improvisation in choro (teacher Rafael Pereira Lima)

    Block of 13 lessons : €234 incl 21% BTW (VAT)

    Batucada 10 lessons: €180 incl 21%BTW (VAT) (starts 30 September)

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