Basic Choro Package

1 instrument group lesson + 1 Ensemble lesson

Every saturday between 10:30 and 14:30 depending on your level (absolute beginner,beginner, intermediate, advanced


Piano, guitar, cavaquinho, pandeiro/percussion, flute, saxophone, klarinet, bandolim,accordeon, or soloist (like violin, trumpet, not for beginners)

Vocal classes

Brazilian vocal lessons in a group. Please by sign up choose your group of preference.

1 group online, other 2 groups live at our location!!

All  saturdays 11:30 – 12:30 group 1 and 12:30-13:30 group 2, group 3 online 10:15-11:15

Teacher: Magda Mendes

Modern improvisation in choro

Learn how to improvise in a choro, using ears, theory. And of course you learn new repertoire!

Every saturday 12:30 – 13:30 , all instruments, teacher Rafael Pereira Lima

Roda de Choro and Roda de Samba

A didactic roda lesson where you learn a lot of repertoire and the skills you need to play in a Roda!

12:30 Roda de choro (instrumental, intermediate and up)

13:30 Roda de Samba (also for vocals, all levels!)

Batucada ensemble

Play percussion in a batucada

Every saturday 14:30-15:30, teacher Zé Malandro

Theory in Practice and Effective Practice

Every saturday 12:30 – 13:30 , all instruments, teacher Grace Chi

Samba and Bossa guitar

Every saturday 12:30-13:30 for guitarists. teacher Kees Gelderblom

KIDS instrument lessons

Group lessons on an instrument, Brazilian music and more.

From 7 years and older.

Every saturday between 9:30-14:30, various teachers


Piano, guitar, cavaquinho, flute.

KIDS Arte Brasileira

Every saturday  teacher Yasmim Salim Flores

lessons mainly in portuguese language

Group 1 11:30-12:30 for 3 – 6 years old

Group 2 10:30-11:30 for 7-12 years old


Choro voor volwassen / Choro for adults

Samenspel / playing together

  • Samenspel, plezier in muziek maken

daar gaat het om bij EPM Holanda, en choro muziek leent zich hier ideaal voor. Je leert groovende ritmes zoals de maxixe, polca en de samba, te gekke liedjes en speelt al gelijk in een band! Je speelt op instrumenten zoals de gitaar, cavaquinho (klein gitaartje), fluit, percussie of piano. Alle lessen zijn in groepen en behalve leerzaam ook erg gezellig. De lessen vinden plaats iedere zaterdagochtend/middag in Rotterdam Delfshaven in het WMDC. De cursussen zijn voor alle niveaus, van absolute beginners tot gevorderden en voor alle leeftijden.

  • playing together and having fun making music

that’s what EPM Holanda is all about, and choro music is ideal for this. You will learn grooving rhythms such as the maxixe, polca and samba, great songs and directly play in a band! You play instruments such as the guitar, cavaquinho (small guitar), flute/winds, percussion or piano. All lessons are in groups and besides educational also very pleasant. Classes take place every Saturday morning / afternoon in Rotterdam Delfshaven in the WMDC or online. The courses are for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced and for all ages.

Waarom EPMH / Why EPMH

  • Wat is het verschil met gewone muziekscholen?

EPM Holanda biedt muzieklessen en workshops aan met als uitgangspunt choro muziek. De meeste muziekscholen hebben als uitgangspunt voor het leren bespelen van een instrument klassieke muziek of pop/rock/jazz. Choro biedt de perfecte basis voor alle muziekstijlen. Je leert noten lezen, akkoorden, verschillende ritmes, improviseren en samenspel!

Maar ook de sfeer: samen muziek maken, samen Braziliaans eten, nieuwe vrienden maken! JOIN THE EPMH FAMILY!!

  • What is the difference with ordinary music schools?

EPM Holanda offers music lessons and workshops based on choro music. Most music schools have as a starting point for learning to play an instrument classical music or pop / rock / jazz. Choro provides the perfect basis for all styles of music. You learn to read notes, chords, different rhythms, improvise and play together!

But also the great community feeling of making music together, eat Brazilian food together and make new friends!! JOIN THE EPMH FAMILY!!

Masterclasses through the years by:

Luciana Rabello (cavaquinho, Rio de Janeiro)

Mauricio Carrilho (gitaar, Rio de Janeiro)

Rogerio Souza (gitaar, Rio de Janeiro)

Marcio Marinho (cavaquinho, Brasilia)

Henrique Neto (gitaar, Brasilia)

Eduardo neves (fluit/sax, Rio de Janeiro)

Rogerio Caetano (violao 7 cordas, GO/Rio de Janeiro)

João Camarero (violao 7 cordas, São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro)

Fernando Cesar (violao 7 cordas, Brasilia)

Nelson Latif (gitaar en cavaquinho, Brasilia)

Antonio Rocha (fluit,Rio de Janeiro)

And many others!

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