Afternoon ticket €10 (15:00-18:30)

Evening ticket €12,50 (18:00-22:00 )

All day €17,50

Kids till 12 all day €5

Codarts students all day €7,50

Epm students all day €15

At the door everything +€2,50

Grounds administration fee +€1

Link to website Chorofestival Grounds


The tenth edition of this unique festival in Europe will again take place in the culturally rich Delfshaven district in Rotterdam! This edition is all about Forró, samba and choro, so that means dancing!

On Sunday 4 December concerts by top artists, presentations by students and teachers of the Brazilian music school EPM Holanda and Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro and tasty authentic Brazilian food!

Concerts at the festival:

Album presentation “Chorando em Rotterdam” by teachers EPM Holanda

Forró & samba with special guests:

Ivan Greg (BR) – accordion and vocals

Cleyton Barros (BR) – Zabumba and vocals

Femke Smit (NL) – vocals

Marcelo Leite (BR) – flute

Ivan Greg:

Femke Smit:

Link to Chorofestival 2021 online:

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14:30 Doors Open

Main hall

15:00-15:15 Beginners ensemble and kids

15:15-15:20 Grace theory group

15:20-15:40 Intermediate ensemble

15:40-15:50 Vocal groups

15:50-15:55 Piano and cavaco beginners

15:55-16:10 Samba lesson Kees

16:10-16:30 Kids groups: guitar and piano

16:30-16:35 Yasmim Brazilian art for kids presentation

16:35-16:45 bandolim group

16:45-17:00 Advanced ensemble

17:00-17:15 Minors codarts

17:15-18:15 Teachers in Concert: album “Chorando em Rotterdam”

18:15-18:50 break

18:50-19:00 Batucada

19:00-20:00 Set 1 Forro and samba with profs and special guests Femke, Ivan, Cleyton and Marcelo

20:00-20:20 Capoeira demonstration

20:20- 21:30 Set 2

21:30- 22:00 Bis?

Kleine zaal en A001:

kids  playground

Teachers EPM Holanda Elizabeth Fadel (piano), Udo Demandt (percussion), Alvaro Rovira Ruiz (guitar), Rafael Pereira Lima (sax), Angelo Ursini (flute en clarinet), Kees Gelderblom (guitar), Juliano Abramovay (guitar), Hassan Ait Moumad (cavaquinho/bas), Marijn van der Linden (cavaquinho), Magda Mendes (vocals), Ronald Veerman (bandolim) Yasmim Flores (art for kids) en Zé Malandro (percussion)


Choro Festival is organized by the Brazilian music school EPM Holanda in collaboration with GROUNDS and it was made possible in part by the Municipality of Rotterdam, Elise Mathilde fonds, Berimbau de Ouro Capoeira School, the SKVR, Bom Sabor do Brasil, Codarts, Jeugd Cultuur Fonds, Mesa de cultura, Withagen Media and Creative Flavors.



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