1st April Easter Choro Sunday

It’s no joke! After searching for eggs and a delicious Easter breakfast you can come to Grounds with the whole family for a wonderful Brazilian afternoon and evening.

With a concert of our special guests from Brasilia, presentations of pupils and teachers of EPM Holanda and Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro, jam session and of course delicious authentic Brazilian food (dinner reservations!)


Teachers EPM Holanda:  (Elizabeth Fadel (piano), Udo Demandt (percussion), Alvaro Rovira Ruiz (guitar), Floor Polder (flute), Kees Gelderblom (guitar), Hassan Ait Moumad (bass), Marijn van der Linden (cavaquinho) Rafael pereira Lima (sax) and Magda Mendes (vocals)

Special guests: Henrique Neto (7 string guitar) and Márcio “Frango” Marinho (5 string cavaquinho)

Both are teachers of the Choroschool and Clube do Choro in the capital Brasília, Brazil